What are your credentials?

Tarot is more about personal understanding and experience than formal training; however, I have both. I have been tracking my dreams since childhood, fascinated by the potent symbolism of the subconscious mind. I became hooked on tarot at age 13 and came to realize that the images on the cards are the same archetypal imagery as found in dreams. I pursued this exploration of symbolic imagery to an honours-degree in fine art. I have studied under a tarot elder who has been reading professionally for over 50 years; have taken professional tarot training courses; read many books; and have many, many hours of professional experience under my belt. I bring my knowledge and experience as a queer, chronically ill, and neurodivergent individual to the table as well, seeking to serve others in these communities well. I continue to self-educate on trauma, attachment styles, and healing, so that I can hold space with care, and offer the most loving and compassionate readings that I can.

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