“I’m the Queer Witch in the family. Every family has one — if you think yours doesn’t, you just haven’t noticed them yet.”

Candace O. Bell (B.A., C.N.P.) is a witchy cripfemme creatrix: a visual artist, writer, and tarot card reader, offering gentle magic for tender hearts.

Candace has been tracking her dreams since childhood, fascinated by the potent symbolism of the subconscious mind. She became hooked on tarot at age 13 and came to realize that the images on the cards are the same archetypal imagery as found in dreams. She pursued this exploration of symbolic imagery to an honours-degree in fine art.

After 10 years of showing her art in galleries, art fairs, cafes, and through various commercial projects, she began her formal training in tarot and has been blending her loves for art, inspiration, dreams, heart-connection, healing, and deep conversations ever since.

Candace offers heart-felt tarot card readings as a tool for clarity, validation, and transformation. She also creates and sells original artworks and prints, using imagery as benchmarks for personal growth, and as reminders of your own strength, beauty, and wildness.

Whether through art, tarot offerings, or her work as a holistic wellness practitioner, Candace seeks to help you live each day as a poem: beautified, meaningful, and empowered. She likes to scatter bits of magic about, in hopes that those who need it will find it, and feel just a little more warmth in their tender hearts.

(If you are interested in her wellness offerings as a certified holistic nutritionist and a teacher, click on over to that here.)